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By Greg Harrelson

Greg Harrelson is the founder and leader of the largest Century 21 offices on the East Coast. With offices located throughout South and North Carolina, Greg coaches the top real estate talent in the Carolinas and also founded Real Estate Sales Solutions which has coaching programs like the Agent Success Academy.

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In the world of real estate, setting appointments is key to success, but often getting past the initial ‘no’ can be the biggest challenge. If you’re eager to boost your appointment count and increase your listings, here are a few quick tips to help you navigate those early hurdles.

1. Move past the smokescreen. When faced with a ‘no,’ especially from potential sellers who’ve withdrawn their listing, it’s crucial to recognize this as a temporary obstacle. Many properties that come off the market end up relisted shortly afterward. Rather than accepting the first response, gently probe further. For instance, ask why the property didn’t sell during the previous listing. By redirecting the conversation and showing genuine interest, you can move past initial resistance.

“Getting past the initial 'no' can be the biggest challenge.”

2. Interrupt their patterns. People often fall into predictable patterns when deflecting sales inquiries. To break through this resistance, interrupt their flow by showing understanding and curiosity. Acknowledge their position, then steer the conversation towards their original motivations. For example, inquire about their relocation plans or what drew them to a particular area. By redirecting the dialogue and focusing on their initial goals, you can reignite their interest in selling.

The key takeaway is that the first ‘no’ isn’t necessarily a final answer—it’s often just a starting point for a more meaningful conversation. By navigating past initial objections with empathy and thoughtful questions, you can increase your chances of setting valuable appointments and expanding your real estate business. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email.

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