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5 star rating

"The level of service provided by Lori throughout the process of purchase was exemplary."

- Lisa

5 star rating

"We definitely recommend Lori Lentz-Widner as the realtor to get you that perfect home."

- Millie

5 star rating

"Kirk is amazing!! Would absolutely recommend him to anyone!!! "

- Cynthia Polakiewicz

5 star rating

"We highly recommend Lori Lentz-Widner if you’re looking for an agent."

- Seng Phouthakoun

How Do I Get the Little Things Done?

  • How Do I Get the Little Things Done?

    Today we’re discussing how to get back to the foundations of what you do.

Enhancing Your Online Presence

  • Enhancing Your Online Presence

    If you’re not taking this time to leverage your presence on the internet, you’re missing opportunities.

How Can I Excel While Working From Home?

  • How Can I Excel While Working From Home?

    Today I’m continuing our series to help all agents excel during these turbulent times.

How to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

  • How to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

    It’s easy to find excuses to abandon our routines, but here’s why we need to focus on them now more than ever.

How to Adapt to the Shifting Market

  • How to Adapt to the Shifting Market

    Our world has changed dramatically amid the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why we need to understand this shift and how we can adapt to it.

3 Things You Control During Economic Turmoil

  • 3 Things You Control During Economic Turmoil

    Though many things are outside of our control during these trying times, there are still three things agents can maintain control over.

How to Discover Your Motivation Once Again

  • How to Discover Your Motivation Once Again

    If you’re struggling with motivation in your real estate career, I’ve got some tips that will hopefully get you back on the right path.

Just help the client. We do everything else for you.

Only true done for you real estate platform in the industry

Many brokerages promise real estate agents more money, but did you know that most agents want more time? The truth is that having free time to live your life is extremely valuable but all too hard to come by. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you work with us. Here at Century 21, we always say: Why do it yourself when we’re willing to do it for you? 

Most teams want agents to do everything themselves, but we want to do everything for you. We are the only true “done for you” platform that exists in this industry and can help you look like a superstar in the eyes of your clients. Here are a few of the things we provide:

  • A large database of leads for you to use 
  • Training and coaching to generate and convert leads 
  • Fully built-out technology and lots of automation to get long-term leads 
  • A top-tier marketing system 
  • High-quality transaction management 
  • A licensed closing department with many years of experience 
  • And so much more!

Our mission is to support our agents, help them grow, and guide them so they can reach their goals. The proof comes from our success—we have some of the top agents in North and South Carolina on our team! If you want to get to the next level in your career, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our contact information is below, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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What Century 21 Agents Are Saying...

“I remember the day that Greg and I met in our interview and everything and you kind of tell me what we did here. Obviously I lived here my entire life so you heard a lot of people say well because you know they do a lot of that prospecting over there and I remember making the comment to them well. I don’t know what they’re doing but what they are doing is working. I mean they’re number one for a reason.”

- KJ Jordon

“I wanted to really find a good real estate company so I did my research went on google and started researching who doing transactions, what company came up the most often, who was rate the top one and came across to this company. First, I met and spoke with Greg partner for a little while on the first day. Shadowed a few agents and then just started from there.”

- Kevin Mills

“So we first started talking probably about eleven years ago and late 2006. Making a career change coming out of the corporate world and ended up going to a new agent seminar where you you know we’re doing a lot of those at the time. Just kind letting people know what you’re about, what the company’s about and you know it ended up we connected at one of those and the rest was kind of history.”

- Lori Sorensen

“I have been working for Greg for almost two years now, and he has completely changed my life simply by providing me with resources. Needless to say, I came from a different company where I made less than two deals per year. With Greg Harrelson, I was able to exceed almost 14 deals last year, and I’m on track to close about 20 deals this year. I currently have multiple deals pending, thanks to the CRM system he has in place, and the coaching calls that provide me with valuable information. I am where I am now because of Greg Harrelson, and I really appreciate his tutoring. Because of him, I am able to earn more money and take care of my family, so I am very grateful to him.”

- Chris Small

I joined the Harrelson Group right after graduating high school with little knowledge about the field. However, the idea of selling properties intrigued me. With the help of Greg and the Harrelson Group, I’ve been able to achieve a lot in the past six months. I’ve taken 18 listings, and I currently have 10 active listings with a total market value of $2.5 million, of which two are pending. The success rate has been pretty good. Being able to sit four seats down from Greg during the morning listing presentations and all the training he provided has helped me tremendously in my first year as a Realtor. My goal this year is to do 40 deals, and I’m well on my way with five completed so far, so it’s been great.”

- Jordan Rye